This block reveals everything related to the rural world: how to live in this environment, the farm, the animals that live there, their characteristics and uses, the village, the types of fields and different tools and machines used in the field and on the farm.

The axis that guides this thematic block is based, for the youngest ones, on the story of the Scarecrow that liked birds, through which we will learn to take care of our farms and their animals. The children will be protagonists of a story that will bring them closer discovering the uses and attentions that the animals and cultures of the rural world need as well as the tools and machines that facilitate that work, while releasing the scarecrow friend from his body of straw.

For the initial cycle the children will learn about the Happy Witch who, through her mischief, will make us work a lot on the farm to keep her active and to teach the witch the importance of knowing how to take care of animals and crops.

In the middle and upper cycle, we will work on the rural world through the folk legends that surround the town of Viladasens and that are closely related to rural life. At the same time, always in a playful and experiential way, we will learn about different ways of rearing and using animals, exploring, through the rural world, the food chain of living beings and the value of good food.

Climate change

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