Here we will approach nature, discover some secrets and curiosities and learn to love it as part of ourselves.
We will investigate the ecosystem of the lowland forest and the riverside ecosystem, observing the animals and plants that we can find.

The lowland forest is inhabited by Natives of North America, their customs and traditions. Their way of living, in harmony with nature, is the point that connects the axis of life with the environment of the Can Sans Nature Classroom and the activities that are carried out.

In order to transmit this culture, we use the character of the Native American Red Chest as the guiding thread. The activities are set inside what we could call “Native American atmosphere”.

During the stay, children can feel like Native Americans and enjoy nature, learning that we humans are also nature.

To achieve this, we will provide tools for approaching and relating to nature, as well as tools for relating to one’s environment, to create an emotional bond between the student and Nature that is at the same time a bond of self esteem.