We approach the climate of our territory, as well as the human and environmental factors that are causing a change of climate on our planet, as well as possible solutions. The personal attitudes that are within our reach to improve our environment and our quality of life.

The activities of this block are interrelated with a different axis of animation according to the educational cycle.

In nursery education, boys and girls will discover the proposed topic through the presentation of
Clementina the Rat who will help them to marvel at the most beautiful things in the world, those that can only be bought with the heart, thus linking a work of personal values with the values that surround the healing of the environment.

In the initial cycle, the children will meet Pic the Turtle, who with such a stir has not been able to relax this summer, but has lived many adventures that will bring children closer to climate, alternative energies and ecology.

Middle and high school students will be shocked when they see the Dr. OZÓ who is hidden in the forests of Can Sans, and which will set traps and tests to help them become familiar with what climate change is all about.