Nature classes

Since 1991, during the school year we have had activities related to nature. Our educational approach promotes a holistic education of infants, interpersonal and environmental awareness. Enjoying the natural environment that enables significant learning, experiential and active observation of reality.

The educational team consists of education professionals (pedagogues, environmental educators, teachers and leisure time educators) to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the educational project.
Discovery activities, half day, for students of Early Childhood Education.

One-day activities for Early Childhood and Primary Education.

Stays of 2 to 5 days with full board. Learning activities for sustainable development through different centres of interest related to nature, meteorology and climatology, the rural world and climate change. For Nursery and Primary education,

Analytical credit for first cycle secondary school: ecological balance.

Our educational project is endorsed, subsidised and monitored by the Gironès Regional Council in its Education for Sustainable Development Program.